”We need cultural change“, that´s what over 90 % of executives demand in order to adjust to the digital world. But this isn´t an easy task: Most of us live and work in established organization cultures that are the sum of unwritten laws, are based on successes of the past and that influence behavior of executives and employees vastly. To change culture is challenging and it is only possible via consequent transformation.

Five starting points

Culture can´t be changed directly – especially not via campaigns, roadshows or colorful pictures. To change culture, business successes are needed that are gained through change behavior. Our Rapid Results initiatives, innovation teams or agile sprints are good examples of how to shape a new culture. Besides success stories four key interventions are needed in order create sustainable cultural change: Executives who act exemplary (we coach you), intrinsic motivated initiative teams, who are ambassadors and role models for new values and behavior (we accompany you) and dialogical event with large groups that let the spirit of the new be felt. Last but not least you need to part with rules, systems and untouchables that stabilize the existing culture and hinder change – as your sparring partner we won´t let go of naming touchy subjects as well.

Cultural Change begins with exploration

A profound exploration of the existing culture is the base of a transformation. We work, heavily influenced by Edgar Schein, primarily with qualitative explorations. We start with just a few interviews, professionally designed workshops and observation of artefacts in order to make existing believes visible. Furthermore, we make you aware of what´s fostering and hindering future success in the current culture. The second step is to develop the requirements of future values and principles in order to start the above described five initiatives. One thing is clear: Cultural transformation needs quite some perseverance and simultaneously quick successes that create trust.

We support you…