Executives of the 21st century need one core skill: To make change effective. This offers a wide variety of new possibilities for all management levels: it bestows the role of shaping change actively to top, middle and project management. We help you to live up to this role. Top managers need to professionalize their role as change designers and employers, executives of the middle management need to strengthen their skills as a change leader for their area of responsibility and project managers are only successful as change managers in the future.

Learning in step with actual practice

Learning is only possible if personal topics can be brought in, one has the chance to exchange views about the lessons learned and new behavior and methods can be tried out and reflected immediately. This is the reason why our change trainings are always tailored and a good mixture of exercises, case work, personal reflection and a healthy dose of impulses about state of the art concepts. Every inhouse program will be created specifically for the target group and the context: from one day workshops to 12 day long intensive qualifications. Case coaching and the organization of peer coachings are part of our learning concepts.

Tailored programs

We measure ourselves by how the training participants make progress with their own change challenges and their ability to implement the experiences from the training into their daily work. That is why we are not traditional trainers but successful consultants: We bring in our vast experience when we coach individual cases professionally. Furthermore participants take a set of change tools, the knowledge about successful transformation and personal impulses with them that enable them to approaches change initiatives confidently.

We support you…