Our Approach

We co-create unique transformation processes in a positive and energetic way: Focusing on practical action for high impact, integrating hard and soft skills and building authentic partnerships based on honesty and respect.


We always aim for utmost impact. To achieve this, the right constellation of consulting personalities, tools and tasks are necessary. We see to it that the right team tackles your challenge and that the used methods and tools are tailored specifically for you. We keep our promises – that`s why we don´t take on every project.

Our work is oriented on a holistic approach that integrates thinking, emotions and doing purposefully. The following three principles are leading us in our consulting work:

Integrating Hard and Soft Skills

We orchestrate balanced activities „outside the skin“, such as strategy development, organizational structures, processes and systems as well as „inside the skin“ like behavior, beliefs and emotions.

Building Authentic Partnerships Based on Honesty and Respect

Together with you we work on common ambitions at eye level. We are honest sparring partners and respectful companions of social processes in teams. Appreciation and being focused on solutions is as important to us as broaching sensitive topics.

Focusing on Practical Action for High Impact

We seize the right problems and share the responsibility for successes. Besides gaining business relevant results, we also care about sustainable anchoring of changes within the culture and the behavior of all parties involved.

Our Values

Our values are not written down but attributes of our behavior – tangible when we work with clients as well as internally at ICG.