Our Purpose

The world changes fast, digital technologies lead to exponential growth and the increasing complexity poses a massive challenge. However, most of us work in organizations that are still based on management principles of the 19th century: We work in silos, are hierarchically structured and steered like machines.

The consequences


„More of the same“ and even more sophisticated management systems come to nothing

Inefficiencies as well as waste of resources and energy of staff

Overwhelmed executives because of complexity and powerlessness to steer

85 % of employees worldwide do not engage entirely or are not using their potential

 Generation Y and millennials who work for large organizations are hardly able to work according to their values and aspirations

 Traditional change programs fail or achieve only 30 % of the expected impact

New approaches for future-oriented organizations are evolving everywhere. Many organizations are making an effort to implement promising aspects of these new concepts. Still, most of those initiatives get stuck too many times. We are convinced that holistic transformation processes are necessary to be fit for the future. Due to this conviction and our intrinsic motivation to improve the organizational world to some extent, we derive our common purpose:

We co-develop organizations to be more responsive, innovative and meaningful, enabling people to live up to their full potential.