People responsible for change like executives, project leaders or managers, are often faced with the challenge that they should listen more closely to what is talked about in an organization, communicate much more and be visible. The role of being responsible for change sometimes is more hindering than helpful: Hence, it makes sense to get a few other employees on the board.

Multiple Impact

The concept of change agent, change champions, change ambassadors – however one chooses to name them – is very helpful in this case. People who help in the mission of change are multipliers who can contribute immensely to create commitment for the transformation as well as to reduce resistance. As a network within an organization change agents are making sure that all departments and subsidiaries are informed properly and don´t feel excluded from the change process.

Essential Steps

To make this work, several aspects need attention: It starts with choosing change agents. It is important that they are respected within the organization and think positive about the change project. Ideally, they are people from all levels and departments. Furthermore, it is cruial, that the change agents are qualified – besides project related topics they need to have change know-how and respective competencies. Thirdly, they need support during the processes, to network and learn from each other.

Ambassadors for Change

Change Agents not only take care of communication and integration, they are also able to obtain authentic feedback about current topics and obstacles in the transformation process and highlight the pros and cons of the change in dialogue based events. Generally, change agents are a great support for executives and people who are responsible for change. There is another advantage: for the change agents the experience is often very satisfying and a great step to develop new talents.

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